Brand Your Business & Show off your cars

My Next Car Brand Your Business Package.businesscard-my-next-car

This package is designed to help all small to mid-size car dealerships to maximize their business and their car listings exposure online.

We all know these days that your online presence is the key to success.

This package will eliminate the need of owning your own website. Reduce the cost of yearly website registration and hosting. You no longer need the help of a specialist to design and maintain your website.

When you purchase our Brand Package you will get a unique URL which will identify your dealership online.

This unique URL will ONLY show your car that are listed on our site.

Your customers can stay up to date with your fleet of cars.

You could include this URL on your business cards to ensure all your customers have access to your online portal to our website.

This package will include:

  • Your unique URL
  • 250x Single sided complimentary business cards
  • 1x Banner to display and promote your URL at your dealership. For the small one off price: $199

mynextcarbenner-original-small version