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    RWC Inspections


    Everybody is turning to when they are looking for a local, reliable and accredited workshop to get a roadworthy / safety inspection for their car. Do you need a Licensed Roadworthy Tester in Melbourne Victoria? CLICK HERE

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    What is a realistic price?


    If you see a sign saying SALE PRICE IS FIRM AND NON NEGOTIABLE or SPECIAL, DRIVE AWAY NO MORE TO PAY, there possibly isn’t much room to play with on the price. With new cars, always get details on the on-road costs which can be $2000 to $3000. There is always room to move, maybe […]

  • what car should I buy My Next Car

    Plan your car shopping


    A good plan when looking at specific makes and models is to possibly go to the further most dealership within reason that has the type of vehicle you’re after, then work your way home. This will eliminate just taking the first deal because it’s convenient. With this information your local dealership will know that you’re […]

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    When is the best time to buy a car?


    Car sales in Australia is a huge market and there are thousands of car yards and dealerships. All of these car dealerships need to sell cars and they will have a monthly target which they need to achieve. It simply means, if you are wanting to buy a new or used car from a dealership, […]

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    Where should I look for my next car?


    These days you have lots of options when looking for a new or used car. You can start with our site then other online car sites or simply go visit your local car yards and dealers. However going from one car yard to next can be very tiring and time consuming, so we highly […]

  • should i buy private or dealer

    Should I buy privately or buy a car from a dealership?


    Licensed car yards offer a minimum 3 months warranty, please read your warranty to understand what mechanical or electrical problems are covered by this warranty. Most car dealerships will also offer an extended warranty as well. It comes at a cost but in most cases it’s worth considering. But again, make sure you know exactly […]

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    Should I buy a new or second hand (Used) car?


    If you choose to buy a new car, you will benefit from the warranty and new car servicing deals. In some cases you may even get a better deal on finance or optional extras on your car. Car manufacturers are offering different warranties these days. For example, this year Kia is offering an unlimited 7 […]

  • what car should I buy My Next Car

    What car should I buy?


    Obviously not every car for sale is the right car for you. We all have different needs and wants when it comes to buying a car. Some of us have a family and need a family car such as a Station Wagon, SUV, People Mover or a Sedan. Some of us are young and looking […]

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    List a car for sale for FREE!


    This is a new trend “list a car for sale for free”. Not many Australian car classified listing websites offer such a service. My Next Car is offering to list your car for sale for FREE to all Australians and each listings can have up to 10 photos. What are you waiting for? Join us now!