Should I buy a new or second hand (Used) car?

my next car how to buy a car

If you choose to buy a new car, you will benefit from the warranty and new car servicing deals. In some cases you may even get a better deal on finance or optional extras on your car. Car manufacturers are offering different warranties these days. For example, this year Kia is offering an unlimited 7 year Unlimited warranty, Capped Price Servicing, Roadside assistance and more. That’s a fantastic offer if you use your car for business.

Keep in mind though, while it’s nice to have this peace of mind with a new car, the minute you drive it out of the show room you have lost quite a few thousand dollars on its value.

You can still lose money on the value of a used car as well but not usually as much as on a new car. However, since you might not know the history of the car you are buying, you may face major costs in repairs later.

So if you don’t know much about cars at least try and take someone with you that does when looking for your next car.

Before you can transfer ownership of a car purchased in Victoria for example, you need a RWC (Roadworthy Certificate). Usually the seller provides you with a RWC, but sometimes you might have to organize it yourself depending on the deal. Now, while it’s assuring that the car you are buying is roadworthy, do not forget that the engine, transmission and most mechanical problems are not covered under a roadworthy. So it would pay to have a trusted mechanic or an organisation like the RACV or NRMA to give the car a thorough check before purchasing.


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