Should I buy privately or buy a car from a dealership?

should i buy private or dealer

Licensed car yards offer a minimum 3 months warranty, please read your warranty to understand what mechanical or electrical problems are covered by this warranty. Most car dealerships will also offer an extended warranty as well. It comes at a cost but in most cases it’s worth considering. But again, make sure you know exactly what this extended warranty covers.

Buying a car privately is a different story. Private sellers can’t offer you any warranty unless the car they are selling is still under the manufacturers warranty.

Things you should look for when buying privately:

Does it come with a full service history.

Based on the age of the car, what was its average yearly mileage?

Has it been in any accidents? When you inspect the car, you have to look for any accident damage. A bad repair could be costly later as well as dangerous.

Has it been written-off? You can check online with your states motoring body ( eg Vicroads in Victoria ). It will cost you a little amount of money but provides you with assurance.

Does it come with an Auto Club check? If you are really sure that you love the car and it’s the best value for you, simply ask about getting an Auto Club or mechanic to check it over. If the Auto Club gives it the thumbs up, again it gives you a little peace of mind.


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